Entourage Finds Its Heart

I’ve been watching Entourage since Day 1 and I’ve always enjoyed it.  I’ve just never been engrossed with it. You know that feeling — when you just can’t stop thinking about that last episode, wondering why exactly your favorite character said the things he/she did or made the decisions he/she made, as if you knew them, and their fake lives mattered, and they could genuinely surprise you.  I treated the show more like you treat that party friend who’s good times and you call for a laugh, but you’d never ever get serious with.

Well, this season, Vince and the gang has been surprising me.  In fact, last week’s episode was downright brilliant.  The turning point was perfectly summed up by Drama:  “What could Turtle possibly have to do that doesn’t involve us?”  The producers dared to break up and tear down the foursome (five, if you count Ari) in big and small ways, so that we could start seeing how each of them exists outside of their tangled web centered by Vince.

Turtle has a surprisingly sweet and filled-with-chemistry date with Jamie Lynn-Sigler.  You so hate when he makes the choice at the end to run to Vince — making his life, once again, all about Vince’s life.  But you’re rooting for his romance every step of the way and you realize the depths of the friendship of the Queens boys.  I hope Jamie comes back.

Vince, for the first time, experiences real challenges with a difficult and eccentric director who makes him question his own ability.  The bomb that was Medellin didn’t accomplish that, and neither did the fact that he was considered box office poison for a while after.  That’s because he always had someone protecting him, ready to pick up the pieces so that the he didn’t have to worry.  Here, he gets degraded in front of the entire movie cast and fired and nothing anyone can do provides a quick fix.

Ari proves yet again why everyone needs someone like him in their corner.  It doesn’t work but he sure tries damn hard.  Even E gets a spine — nearly impossible to do after a crazy German director screams “Who is this guy?” and “How many people does it take to manage one talentless actor?” directly in his face.

Major lessons learned?  

  • No matter how high up you are, there’s always someone higher.
  • Nothing’s ever a done deal until it’s done.
  • You’ve always got home.

Posted by: Mariela


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