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There’s nothing like a movie that’s outstanding, but also introduces you to something you’ve never known before.  In this case, it’s Petey Greene — the ex-con, turned shock jock turned, turned TV host who spoke loudly for a nation of disaffected African Americans during the civil rights years and a decade after.

Don Cheadle’s performance as Greene is superb, but I was surprised at how infrequently Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name came up during the initial release of this movie.  Their scenes together are riveting and it seems like you can’t tell the story of one without the other.  Ejiofor plays Dewey Hughes, who risked his own job to get Greene his big break on the air, becomes his manager and takes him all the way to Carter’s White House and The Tonight Show.  The re-imagining of that latter moment in history is a very painful scene to watch. Hughes ultimately purchases the station that became Radio One Network and won 10 Emmys as a producer/director.

Props to Kasi Lemmons for directing.

This movie made me question why I don’t have a strong radio personality that has influenced me — unless you count Casey Kasem and his Top 40.  (By the way, it IS possible to rattle Kasem.)

Is there someone on the radio that has shaped your life?

Posted by: Mariela


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