Links of the Day

Who needs a TV? I certainly watch plenty of TV without one and apparently more people are too.

Free Internet access for all!?? Maybe it could end poverty!? But, seriously, it could do a whole lot of good.

PBS’ Launching a new comedy show. Maybe Jim Lehrer really would be the best person for it.

Has picking a cabinet every been this exciting? Obama has five good ones left.

Posted by: Lisa


One response to “Links of the Day

  1. I, too, am one of the 8% or so that don’t have a tv. We recently got rid of cable in the house since the roommate with the tv moved out. Everything I want to watch is online. It is wonderful saving the money.

    If only my computer had the power to prove to ABC that they shouldn’t cancel “Pushing Daisies”. My life would be truly happy then.

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