Make a Salary Pact Today

Feministing points to an interesting Gloria Steinem anecdote, where she urged a room full of corporate women to pick one colleague to make a salary pact with.  The women should agree to share how much they make from that point forward, in order to break down the secrecy surrounding salaries and use the information as a negotiation tactic.

I’m all for a pact, but do think that for it to be truly effective and lead to equal pay for equal work, women should share this information with a guy.  I just realized that I’ve been doing this for years.  I met my friend seven years ago when we worked at the same company.  We are the same age, have been in the business the same amount of time, have had similar career paths and have always turned to each other when it came time to negotiate salaries or make big career decisions.  I think he’d agree that our unspoken pact has been incredibly helpful and I want to take the time to thank him for being my friend and career barometer all these years.  

Now, go out and make a pact!

Posted by: Mariela


One response to “Make a Salary Pact Today

  1. I need to find someone to do this with….. for real! Hmm…

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