Spotlight On: Laura Minor, Poet

A beautiful gal from Florida that writes poetry and sings sad songs, Laura Minor is a friend of ours who conjures up thoughts of tequila shots and being hoarse from shouting at the devil. She teaches poetry at St. Francis College and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn when she’s not making records (she has two upcoming albums: ‘Let Evening Come’ and an experimental jazz collaboration called ‘The Exile’). Here is one of her poems:

Tipped to the Ear

We laugh with the same teeth and mouth

And sail with the same anger, ships in bottles

Losing our sanity one sandglass at a time.


Him smoking a cigar on the bow of a house where he finds no comfort

The children, numb little petals bruising their limbs on the ropes

And her, silent like dumb fruit rolling along the river’s edge.


This is the noise of the future knocking

This is the magnificent story of running things

Screaming bottles and flying tuna fish sandwiches

This is the broad expansion of horror in two willow stumps

And the sails of the waiting

Wet with the aluminum river

Our ears skimming the underwater saints

Screaming for someone to throw down a flight of stairs

For the ship to sink a failed family

For the failed family to then rise,

Each heart undoing its particular gospel.


You can also check out some of her lyrics here

Posted by: Autumn


One response to “Spotlight On: Laura Minor, Poet

  1. heartbreaking. it sounds like something bbc films should use in the marketing of revolutionary road.

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