Hulu – Depressed for the Holidays?

I’m a little worried about  I fear that it may be suffering from the “holiday blues”.

Now, is one of my favorite places on the web.  I have come to view it as a close friend.  It is helping me with my unemployed rough patch that I’m going through at the present.  It provides funny shows for me to watch when I’m sad, and gives me endless hours of time wasting so that I can truly ignore my situation in life.  It also helped me cope with the withdrawal I went through when one of my roommates moved out taking the TV and cable with her.  I love Hulu.

This is why I’m worried.  I first noticed something may be wrong on December 5th.  I had popped over to see what was new with my trusted friend only to find this:

Fatal Attraction

Um…Hulu?  Are you feeling okay?  Hulu for the Holidays presents Fatal Attraction?!  What the hell?  First, I didn’t realize that Fatal Attraction was a holiday hit.  Secondly, why in the name of fluffy bunnies would anyone want to watch that to get into the holiday spirit?  Maybe Hulu found out that large portion of its viewers were jilted women, but somehow I highly doubt that.  Did Hulu find out that I’ve been cheating on it since Netflix made “Instant Viewing” available to Mac users?  Needless to say, I got worried.

I brushed off my worry, though.  We all have our rough spots during the holidays.  Maybe this was just a fluke.  Today, though, I decided to check on my dear friend and found the Hulu for the Holidays calendar, and am officially scared.

Hulu Calendar - Dec.

Look at that programming!  If the top of my wish list this year was a bath full of blood, THEN I could see this being appropriate fare for the holidays, but since all I want is the TARDIS 4 port USB hub, I’ll keep my blood inside my body thank you very much.  I mean, sweet baby Jesus, they only have TWO actual holiday shows on there.  AND THOSE JUST WENT UP YESTERDAY!

But let’s look at this list.  Some of it is forgivable and understanding.  Hulu started off the month okay; putting up the third season of ReGenesis, a fantastic Canadian show that blows shows like CSI out of the water.  Tuesdays also seems to be good days for Hulu.  Self-improvement.  Clearly thinking of the new year and resolutions, Hulu is making some changes.  I applaud that.  I’ll even forgive the choice of My Best Friend’s Wedding being up there.  While I may not be able to look at Julia Roberts’ horsey face for too long, I understand a lot of people find this movie enjoyable.

December 4th, things change.  Maybe Hulu heard that the 4th is Jay-Z’s birthday, I don’t know, but they decided to put up Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels. Don’t get me wrong, I love this movie, but is it a “watch by the fireside with the family” kind of movie?  There is a lot of blood, cursing, gambling, weed, guns, and all around bad-assing in this movie.  Not necessarily the kind of movie for the kiddies.  Unless your kids are being un-porportionally bad and you want to get them to stop asking for presents by threatening to send them to the East End for Christmas.

Hmm.  I just noticed something.  Hulu might be in a new type of circling depression.  While most people look forward to the weekend, and get depressed when Monday to rolls around; I think Hulu does the opposite.  Bear with me here.  The Mondays of this “holiday list” are all pretty decent.  I already discussed ReGenesis, but the following week Hulu put up Da Vinci’s Inquest, an equally good Canadian show.  And what does Hulu give me on the third Monday of this month? Freaking He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!!!  The best present a nerdy girl like me could hope for (besides the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon that is).  I’ve discussed Tuesdays, and Hulu’s wise choice of self-improvement.  Wednesdays, hump-day, sees Hulu walking towards the ledge.  The Devil’s Own, a documentary about JFK, and a program about the cancellation of Amos & Andy?  OK, I’m starting to add more whiskey to my Hottie-Tottie with those.  Thursday is the death of Hulu.  In the Name of the Father, The Milargro Beanfield War, and 21 Grams?!?  Wow.  At this point all the liquor from my cabinet is gone, and I’m making a noose out of all the ribbon I bought to help wrap presents with.  Clearly Friday is Hell for Hulu.  I mean it must be if you are forced to watch Go and Wimbledon one week, and One True Thing the next.

I have hope, though.  There is the shining light of A Muppets Christmas Special.  This is one of the last “gifts” Hulu has brought us this holiday season.  We have only a couple more weeks left of this holiday season, and I’m feeling positive that Hulu is starting to shed it’s blues.  Maybe it finally finished all its holiday shopping, or maybe it got cheered up by posing with Santa at its local mall.  This is my positive thinking anyways.  I hate to see a friend depressed.

Hulu, this post is my helping hand to you.  If you are feeling sad and blue, please, come to me, we can talk it out.  Stop the self abuse of posting downer movies, before it is too late and you end up posting something you’ll truly regret later.

By: Wendy


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