This Week’s Top 5: Best Presents Ever Received


  1. Barbie Record Player with my first  45s — Stevie Wonder’s Part Time Lover and El Debarge’s Rhythm of the Night.
  2. Leather-bound, vintage edition of the Complete Works of Shakespeare.
  3. Trip to Disney World to take my niece and nephew for the first time ever.
  4. Mom-created book of our family history through photos and words.
  5. A framed, large-scale Keith Haring print.



  1. Jewelry box my stepdad made me.
  2. One year of Apple one-on-one sessions.
  3. Scrapbooks with every email I wrote my mom during my college travels.
  4. Boston pub crawl planned in my honor.
  5. A trip to Las Vegas with my mom.



  1. Kee-Kee, my first pet ever, a sweet, grey and white tabby kitty I got from my mom when I was seven.
  2. My kinda surprise engagement ring from my now husband that he properly proposed to me with on bended knee a few days before Christmas. I’m in loads of trouble that this is number two. Loads.
  3. My E.T. stuffed animal that promptly lost its plastic eye ball in a game of four-square.
  4. My iPhone, another biggie from my husband.
  5. My boom box with cassette tapes with the top 40 songs of the day, circa 1982

One response to “This Week’s Top 5: Best Presents Ever Received

  1. Due to my horrible, HORRIBLE memory, I really can’t remember what I get for Christmas. Nothing was so powerful that it sticks to my memory. Except receiving my first bra one year, I was so pissed and upset at my mom for embarrassing me, it ruined my holiday.

    My mom has told me that she was one of those moms that fought for a Cabbage Patch doll for me the year they were popular.

    Wait, I think I’m receiving a memory. I think I got a ring from my great-grandmother one year that was the ring she found on the subway when she was a little girl and visited NY. It had the date engraved on the inside, and was clearly a gift to someone. That ring is probably 115 years old by now. I still have it somewhere.

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