New holidays for 2009

If you listen to the radio or watch local news in New York in the mornings, you without a doubt hear that alternate side of the street parking is suspended at least once a week.

I always figured that the suspensions had to do with weather, road conditions or something of the such. But today I happened up the alternate side of the street parking holiday schedule. While I’m sure icy mornings like today are often the reason, there is a pretty impressive list of holidays the Department of Transportation recognizes. Idul-Fitr? Immaculate Conception? Diwali?

My proposition:  In 2009, we all broaden our scope of celebrations and bring a few new ones into the mix, if for nothing but respect for our fellow New Yorkers. So if you are looking for me on May 1st, I will be at home in recognition of Solemnity of Ascension.

Posted by: Lisa


One response to “New holidays for 2009

  1. Jest you may, but that parking schedule is permanently up on my computer. October seems to be the best month. I only have to move my car about once a week, as opposed to the fifty times I usually do.

    I am a little surprised that Hanukkah doesn’t get a shout out though.

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