Reviews in under 200 characters: In Bruges

*Thought I would start something new here.  I enjoy sending my friends mini-reviews on Netflix by sending them ‘notes’.  Now, these ‘notes’ can only be a maximum of 200 characters.  This forces you to cut down to the bear minimum of what the movie was to you.  You either shout-out the praises from the highest mountain or vomit forth the bile that you collected while watching the film.  I’ll be cheating just slightly here, adding a bit more info at the end.

In Bruges Today’s review:  In Bruges

“Movie is worth watching for Gleeson* and Fiennes*. The film is less funny but more charming than the previews makes it out to be. Gets off track in some places, but Gleeson and Fiennes steer it back.”

Netflix rating:  4 stars (was going to be three, but then I thought about Gleeson and Fiennes and added a star just for them)

*had to shorten their names to fit into 200 characters.  I am talking, of course, about Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes.  Gleeson got nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in the film.

Posted by:  Wendy


3 responses to “Reviews in under 200 characters: In Bruges

  1. I actually just watched In Bruges this week and was impressed with the cinematography and dark humor. You see Colin Farrell like you haven’t before — vulnerable, sad, little-boy-lost-ish, but still loveable — and I agree that Gleeson and Fiennes are superb. Fiennes continue on his creepy role assault — Voldemort, the husband in the Duchess, and now this.

  2. So M what’s your rating??

    For me, it was love…5 stars. I put off seeing this movie for a long time because when I think Colin Farrell, I think SWAT and The Recruit, but he surprised me…and the other two were fantastic. I don’t know if I agree about the creepy factor of Fiennes’ character though–he was definitely vicious, but he was neurotic: “Are you alone? Are you sure you’re alone? Well, did you SEE him leave? Is the door shut behind him?” etc. Voldemort wouldn’t have cared.

  3. it was actually one of my favorite movies of the year. i voted for it in the best original screenplay category. true example of a dark comedy, hence watching it with my mom was a bit rough.

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