The Christmas Misfits

One of the great things of having kids in the family is that you end up rediscovering many things you loved as a kid yourself.  (Mind you, there can also be downsides to this:  you feel terribly out of the loop.  Handy Manny, anyone?).

This year, I’m grateful that my nephew brought back the stop motion animation masterpiece Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer into my life. 


I watched it yesterday (along with A Christmas Story, Elf and The Lion King, twice) and I’m happy to say it stands the test of time.  And one of my Top 5 Holiday Songs — as previously noted — might just have to be replaced by this:

Posted by: Mariela


3 responses to “The Christmas Misfits

  1. sharksandsailors

    Handy Manny who?

    I too am substituting John Lennon’s ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’ for one of my favorite holiday hits. I am embarrassed and apologetic for not originally including this ‘no-duh’ gem. Especially in light of today’s events in Gaza…

  2. *cough* Sharksandsailors? *cough*

    I’ll be sure to include that one next year on my holiday mix cd.

  3. sharksandsailors

    I hope, winkingskunk, that there is no jest in your promise. I will not forget your words here come next December. NO! I shall never forget!

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