Spotlight On: Cristy Marrero…in the City

Ever find yourself missing the exploits of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte and wanting more?  Ever find yourself thinking that you should be polishing off your Spanish?  Well, here’s your chance to satisfy both urges.


Cristy writes first-person and true-to-the-core accounts of her international dating adventures in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Miami and, now, NY.  She’s dated “nonstop” for the past eight years, lives to tell about it through her confessional stories and admits:  “I say things that people usually try to forget in order to avoid public humiliation.”


Cristy started posting her stories on Facebook and has amassed hundreds of followers, many of them strangers who pipe in with their own tales – sin pena That’s “without shame” for those of us who need to work on our Spanish.  As for single girl adventures, I’m sure we all have plenty of our own.


So, bust out that Spanish-English dictionary and check out Cristy’s Facebook Group Confesiones de una diva silente (Confessions of a silent diva) for her weekly updates.


Posted by: Mariela


2 responses to “Spotlight On: Cristy Marrero…in the City

  1. Thanks, Mariela! You’re too kind… I hope more people enjoy my stories. That’s what they’re for! Un besito.

  2. Cristy’s stories are the bests!!! they will make you laugh until you cry….

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