Just Did It: My Night with The View



Last night, instead of hitting play on my DVR remote and settling in for my almost daily dose of The View, I headed to the New York Times building for a live evening with the ladies, moderated by Times TV reporter Jacques Steinberg.  The room was packed with fans, like me, and press, who were no doubt waiting for a cat fight or at least blunt talk from the blunt ladies.  No luck on the first but they certainly delivered on the second front.


Steinberg made the most of his intro because he knew that once the ladies took the floor he had no chance getting a word in.  He was right.  Here are some of the highlights:


  • Whoopi did her funny but been-there-done-that valley girl impression, but they did reveal hints at which reality TV star inspired the routine by saying they interviewed her in Vegas about her new clothing line.  My friend’s good memory and a quick Google search proved it to be none other than Heidi Montag.  They shared how this daft “star” was being interviewed by Elizabeth — her back to Whoopi — and talking about how the pants in her new line were eco friendly and would take people to a “higher plane.”  Whoopi couldn’t help but make shotgun-to-the-head motions behind said reality star’s back, while Elizabeth tried desperately to keep a straight face.  The only one who didn’t approve?  Whoopi’s mom!  She reprimanded her daughter later saying:  “You know she’s an idiot but you can’t let her know you know she’s and idiot!”  And so, Heidi begat the Valley Girl.
  • Barbara’s rolled eyes during a “Star Jones flashback” and Joy’s description of Rosie O’Donnell’s time on the panel as “Diana Ross and the Supremes” (her point being that the show only works when it’s a true ensemble).
  • Barbara retold her anecdote of her slipup with then presidential hopeful Barack Obama, when she urged him to appear on the show for the first time…even though he already had and she had interviewed him.  Now, I found this funny maybe the first two times I heard it but it’s been told again and again and…guess what?  The ladies still crack up!  Proof positive that they know where their bread gets buttered.
  • Their impressions that big stars are nicest, while the C-list stars tend to make all the silly demands.  In fact, they singled out Tom Cruise as the only star to ever go out into the audience and make time to sign autographs and take pictures with nearly everyone. 
  • There was lots of talk about censorship and FCC fines ($300k per station for one slipup) and the revelation that Barbara Walters swears like “Popeye the Sailor Man” off camera.
  • Their litmus test for what makes the Hot Topics cut: “What about Wyoming?”  If it’ll play to the Wyoming audience, then it’s a valid national topic.
  • And, talk about an anticipated guest appearance…Ann Coulter makes her press tour stop with the ladies on Monday’s show.  When asked what they would ask her at that very moment, Joy Behar responded without hesitation:  “Why are you such a bitch?”  Joy, will you please be my friend?

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4 responses to “Just Did It: My Night with The View

  1. Uh, I don’t watch that show, but I heard recently that Whoopi was talking about Battlestar Galactica.

    Doesn’t that make you wanna watch it Mariela? Hmmm….come on….you know you wanna….

  2. i wish they would change the name

  3. Don’t let the name veer you away from the show!

  4. Thanks for the recap! I saw pictures — did Elizabeth wear that hat the whole time?

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