Just Did It: Boy A


This is a classic case of an under-the-radar movie that deserves to be wildly over the radar.  It’s the story of a boy who committed a horrific murder as a young kid, spent years in jail and is now re-entering society in his early 20s with a new name and identity.  During his trial he was dubbed “evil” incarnate, but the adult we meet is reserved, sweet, socially awkward and alternately excited and terrified of what lies ahead.

The movie works so well because of the outstanding performance by Andrew Garfield, who plays “Boy A,” and his realistic, touching and filled-with-chemistry relationship with his social worker Terry, played by Peter Mullan.  They need each other equally, and their relationship is held in stark contrast with Terry’s own broken one with his son, which reveals itself slowly and subtly and breaks your heart. 

Who deserves a second chance?  Can people be rehabilitated?  Would I be able to forgive?  I’m asking myself these very questions.  

Have you seen Boy A?  What did you think?  Here’s the trailer, though I do think it gives away a little too much:

Posted by: Mariela


One response to “Just Did It: Boy A

  1. Haha! I just spotted this in you Netflix queue and it reminded me to add it to my queue!

    Can’t wait to watch it! I remember missing it when it was in the theater due to lack of funding for movies at the time.

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