Charlie Day Time! Episode Two – Charlie Wants an Abortion

‘OHMYGOD! I will smash your face into… into a jelly!’

After relishing in Wikipedia’s well-put description of the character Charlie Green on FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,’ I finally pinpointed the exact moment where I knew it was true love for Charlie Day. I devoured the first season of ‘Sunny’ while lazing in bed with my husband on some random weekend day, one of those days were you don’t get out of your jammies. We had been pushed by Mariela and Wendy (of Matterful fame) to watch it time and time again and I couldn’t understand what was so compelling about 4 losers hanging out in a bar with Danny DeVito. We watched the first episode and were hooked. The second episode came along minutes later (thanks and we see Charlie do his Popeye-like ‘Lollipop Guild’ impersonation. My heart gushed. What was it? I didn’t understand just then. Until this scene:

He’s got it, that ‘thing.’ His frustrations, his temper, his maniacal tone–these traits remarkably unattractive in most men are crush-inducing in his juvenile dealings with his possible kid in Episode 2. I even see the desperation in his attempts to woo the Waitress as adorable. In the toy store he awkwardly goes to hug her, something I would cringe at if it were happening to me in real life, but I lean in to the screen every time. But, pray tell, why? Is he disproportionately attractive? I ask because in these star-crossed eyes of mine, I am biased by his good looks. He’s infectious, nay, he’s an epidemic. The Charlie Day Disease is borne.

Posted by: Autumn


2 responses to “Charlie Day Time! Episode Two – Charlie Wants an Abortion

  1. HUZZAH!!!

    Good call on pinpointing his screams. His voice when he does his high-pitch-frustration-scream give me tingly feelings…down there.

  2. i’ve incorporated smash your face into a jelly into my everyday life…

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