Oscar Nominees Announced

Meet your 2009 Oscar nominees.  First impressions:

  • Sorry, I really liked the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but in terms of pure performance Leonardo Dicaprio in Revolutionary Road should have beat out Brad Pitt for a nod.
  • And, despite the fact that I haven’t seen The Reader, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Angelina’s nod for The Changeling is a result of the the world’s love affair with her (hey, I’m a fan) and not some groundbreaking acting.  (I swear, I’m not a Brangelina hater.)
  • Interesting that Kate Winslet got the nod for The Reader and not Revolutionary Road.  The latter got shut out except for Michael Shannon’s supporting nomination.
  • Thrilled about In Bruges’ original screenplay nod.  That’s officially turned into my favorite category since it always seems to be the least political.
  • Slumdog will have a great night on Feb. 22nd.
  • Still need to see: The Reader, Frost/Nixon, The Changeling, Frozen River, Happy-Go-Lucky, Tropic Thunder (do I have to?).

Posted by: Mariela


4 responses to “Oscar Nominees Announced

  1. sharksandsailors

    I am going to say ‘I told you so’ for the nomination of Robert Downey Jr. for best supporting actor in Tropic Thunder. I called this off-beat nom when I saw the trailer and I have witnesses! There is something so controlled, impressive and professional about his character, Kirk Lazarus, that I am in awe of his acting chops. Comedy is hard, folks. Sometimes harder than drama. So yes, Mariela, you have to watch Tropic Thunder. Since when have you not enjoyed a good ensemble comedy?

    Congrats, RDJ.

  2. Uhh…Tropic Thunder is not that great. The ONLY thing good about it is RDJ and the other supporting actors.

    Stiller and Black are doing the same schtick you always see them do.

    It does have Steve Coogan in it, and Bill Hader…but that doesn’t make up for the LAME Tom Cruise being in it.

  3. Oh…and Mariela…I have money now. I haven’t seen any of those either.

    If you want a movie day, hit me up. We could probably do a double feature one day. Pay for one, sneak into the next. Good times. Of course, they are all kinda downer films so a full day of that might cause suicide.

  4. sharksandsailors

    Tropic Thunder is a ‘good’ ensemble movie I said, not great. Stiller is the weakest link and I am tired of looking at his biceps. Come on, buddy, get some self-esteem. His story line and character were also dull and uni-dimensional. NOT funny. He needs to stick to directing and leave his ego out of his movies.

    I thought Jack Black was hilarious at times. Just because he didn’t break his Jack Black mold doesn’t mean that he wasn’t funny. At its best, his mold IS funny to me.

    Coogan and Nolte were fun together and Tom Cruise made my skin crawl. Which means he did his job. Typical.

    RDJ is magnificent and worthy of the nom, as I have mentioned.

    Now, we’ve hyper-analyzed it way too much. Skip it, Mariela.

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