Just Did It: Inauguration Week

The Swearing-in Ceremony: Tuesday, January 20
The People:
about 2 million people, you know the drill. The crowd made for the best people watching ever.
The Highlight: Arriving at 7 a.m. and getting into the ticketed area at noon. The five hours in between were spent in the massive line/crowd/state of chaos with thousands of others ‘purple ticket holders (more on that here, here and here). It sounds ghastly, I know, but it was the experience of all experiences. So many people from all of the country, and the world, were navigating the unknown controlled craziness with the most elated, positive attitude. On about hour three it really start to set in the energy that was abounding.

The City: Cold, crowded and alive!
The People: Democrats – all of them!? Where did all the Republicans go? (Howli, says hiding.) All the stores, bars, restaurants, taxi drivers, National Guard on patrol were in the spirit — it was like Fourth of July x10,000.
The highlight: The Obama merchandise being sold — and worn — everywhere. On every corner, on almost every block, there were Canal Street-style vendors from around the country that had traveled to D.C. to sell Obama buttons (lots of buttons), hats, scarves, flags, t-shirts, and my personal favorite, rhinestone-studded Obama watches.

The Youth Ball: Tuesday, January 20
The people: Young Obama lovers, not-so young Obama lover and a few celebrities mixed in.
The highlight: The President and First Lady dancing to a crowd of screaming, elegant looking, ‘fans’ all holding their cell phone cameras in the air taking pictures, recordings, videos. Followed soon after by Obama finishing what was a playful dance with his wife and saying, “That’s what’s called ‘old school.’ Have a great night, guys. Love you.”

The Staff Ball: Wednesday, January 21
The People: Obama Campaign Staff & Guests, Arcade Fire, Joe Biden, Kal Penn, David Plouffe, Barack and Michelle Obama, and Jay-Z (complete with Beyonce hanging out on the side of the stage rockin’ out).
The Hightlights: The President’s Speech to Campaign Staff, of course, and Jay-Z’s rendition of ’99 Problems’ (video below, sorry for the poor quality).

Posted by: Lisa


3 responses to “Just Did It: Inauguration Week

  1. where’s the david plouffe video/photo?! i want david plouffe!

  2. Here is David. I have to say he is kind of awkward to watch http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=OPSg98rolG0

  3. Now that it’s 2011 are you embarrassed by your support of Obama or are you still uninformed?

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