Links of the Day: Flickr friends!

I love Flickr.  I check it as often as I check my email.  I signed up to Flickr last July, and really, only to have a place to send friends when I took photos.  I’m constantly taking photos at gatherings since I have a terrible memory.  You see, photos are the only way I remember attending social functions.  Over the past six months, though, I’ve met some wonderful people and viewed some amazing art.  The following people inspire me to be more creative.  Think of this as my own personal

Capt. Tim - Tim was one of the first "I've never met you face to face" friends I had on Flickr. I pretty much love everything he does. I can't wait to go out to San Francisco so that he can photograph me! *cause I'm totally vain that way.

Markleggett - Mark is one of my newest Flickr friends. He made the faux '60s style Howard the Duck poster just for me! He does amazing things with legos and is a fantastic designer. Plus he's from New Zealand! All around rad dude.

Spacesick - Spacey here is a crazy cool graphic designer! Everyday I swoon over his "I Can Read Movies" faux book covers.

Twee! - I've totally been getting into Twee!'s "365 Days" project. Everyday she is taking a photo of her doll Claudia. Everyday I'm reminded how much I want to photograph all the random scary dolls I got lying around.


4 responses to “Links of the Day: Flickr friends!

  1. This was posted by me. Apparently I’m retarded as I couldn’t get any text to go in the right spot, hence why all the photos are captioned.

  2. do we have to talk about these dolls, wendy?

  3. I love my dolls!!!

    Leave me alone. I haven’t bought any for a long time now. Just wait till I get my own place again…they’ll be everywhere!

  4. oh the wendy love of dolls has a very long history. i remember them greeting me as i walked up the stairs to your various fla. apts. i love these photos you have uploaded. they have such wonderful light textures. thank you!

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