I Don’t Like The Wire…So Sue Me!


About once a week, someone enthusiastically tells me:  “You must watch The Wire.  You’ll love it.” They say it with conviction, with the resolute knowledge that they’re passing on the key to unlock the show that will become a favorite of my life.

So, I added it to my Netflix queue.  I watched a couple of episodes, thought that it surely only starts off slow, and watched a couple more.  Nope, still slow. Other issues I had with it?  I couldn’t understand what they were saying half the time, partly because of the audio quality and partly because their slang is so incredibly authentic that I just can’t relate (apparently).  And…there were too many characters.  If midway through the season, I still don’t connect with one person it seems to me that the show is a little self indulgent or fond of spreading itself too thin.  Contradictory ideas, maybe, but not in this case.

The recommendations kept coming as I was plugging away at Season 1, so I was determined to make sure that there wasn’t some big pay off at the end.  There wasn’t.   Still, I sent away for Season 2, watched the first two episodes on the docks and called it a day.  That was early 2008 and just last night I had a group pleading with me to watch.

I tried very hard, but The Wire is not for me.  It never will be.  For all of you that keep insisting that it’s one of the best TV shows ever, that’s great, but I won’t be convinced.  Please stop trying to change my mind.  I gave it more than a fair break and there are just simply too many other movies and TV shows that I’d like to catch up with when I’m feeling lazy.

I gave it three stars on Netflix, only because I recognize that it must be better than a lot of other crap that’s out there like, say, Reba or That’s So Raven.  There you have it:  I don’t like The Wire…so sue me!

Posted by: Mariela


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