Just Did It, Again: Marlene Dumas at MoMA


Yesterday I found myself at MoMA and drawn back into their Marlene Dumas exhibit. Just over a month ago, I saw the South African-born, Amsterdam based artist’s work for the first time and I can say that it left a mark. Her imagery is dark, honest and always satisfying. Even in her depiction of death, Dumas is successful in her suggestion of the ‘thing’ and in just the right amount–the right amount of paint, the right amount of light and dark, the right amount of thickness, thinness–for each individual painting. Francis Bacon is an obvious influence and like him she knows, even more than him I dare say, when to say when. There is something exquisite in her knowledge of lack. My second visit to her exhibit secured my great appreciation for her work and my friend Helen and I both suckered ourselves into buying the book. Having leafed through it minimally, I already am so glad I did. 


Posted by: Autumn.


One response to “Just Did It, Again: Marlene Dumas at MoMA

  1. she’s so spooky

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