This Week’s Top 5: Break Up Songs

The fifth non-Matterful member commentator will receive a CD with all the songs!


1. Your Ex-Lover’s Dead — Stars

Good boy/girl duets tend to get me and this is one of the best.  I just saw the video for the first time and it has Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind written all over it.

2. Thinking About You — Radiohead

I especially love the acoustic version of this song.  Bitterness at its best.

3. Driveway to Driveway — Superchunk

Here, even drowning yourself in drink doesn’t numb the heartache.  These lines will always resonate: “My hand on your heart had been replaced.  And I thought it was you that I had chased.”

4. These Arms of Mine — Otis Redding

Redding’s voice is soulful and raw.  And that’s how I feel every time I listen to this.

5. With or Without You — U2

An anthem for the contradictions and gray areas of love.  


1. Always — Bon Jovi

2. November Rain — Guns n’ Roses

3. Everybody Hurts — REM

4. Cannonball — Damien Rice

5. Killing Me Softly — Roberta Flack / The Fugees


1. Broken Heart — Spiritualized
I always remember the first time i heard this song.  Gainesville, Fla. with Wendy, Autumn and Diana in the Car.  Never fails to make me cry. Still. Always.

2. Do What You Gotta Do — Nina Simone
So well written, so smart, so true.  If all loves could end like this song.

3. Glory Box — Portishead
Perhaps more of a pre-break-up song, but the end is nigh.  A guttural cry from one of the best chanteuses.

4. I Still Miss Someone — Johnny Cash
This song was once sent to me. It is a very bad feeling to be on the other side.

5. Ex-Factor — Lauryn Hill

Heartbreaking, gut-wrenching.  Lauryn where are you?


1. You’re Not the Only One I Know — The Sundays

2. Do You Still Hate Me — Jawbreaker
3. Ain’t No Sunshine — Bill Withers
4. New Partner — Palace Brothers
5. Jigsaw Falling Into Place — Radiohead

One response to “This Week’s Top 5: Break Up Songs

  1. I just couldn’t do this one. Oh well. Maybe it’s because I’ve only had to break up with one person back, and that was back in high school after a courtship of three months. And people don’t break up with me, either. They just stop talking/making out with me. I failed.

    I do love that Spiritualized song though!

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