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What do y’all think? Breast-feeding appropriate?

Posted by: mariola


2 responses to “Link of the Day

  1. absolutely, 100% appropriate. salma’s baby has and will have everything. the baby in sierra leone has and (let’s face it) will probably live his life with nothing. and so will hundreds of thousand of babies like him. salma’s badass factor has increased exponentially in my book. she has in one fell swoop increased awareness for an overwhelmingly poor area, broken barriers between rich and poor and shown once and for all that celebrities are mostly like us.

  2. sharksandsailors

    Breast-feeding appropriate in general, of course, yes!

    Breast-feeding appropriate for a mega-hot starlet in Sierra Leone to help a malnourished mother who is unable to feed her own baby? ABSOLUTELY!

    I think I’m missing what is shocking here. How far do we have to look back to find when wet nurses or co-nurses (which is essentially what Hayek was serving as) were a common part of our lives? They were common in the Southern U.S. in the early 20th century. Further back, they are all over the works of Shakespeare and Homer. Communally sharing breast milk as a commodity is not new.

    Selma Hayek’s efforts were noble and I say: Way to share that beautiful boob, sister!

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