Charlie Day Time! Episode 4 – Charlie Gets Cancer

I gotta say, for this episode having Charlie’s name in the title, it is very light on the Charlie action.  There is one memorable thing, though, about this episode…I IDENTIFIED WITH CHARLIE!!

I’m shocked by the fact that I started to identify with Charlie, but let’s look at the facts:

  • Charlie crys when alone in his apartment – I TOTALLY DO THIS!!!  When we first see Charlie, Dennis is stopping by to borrow a basketball.  He is questioned why he looks so “poofie”, to which he replies, “Oh, yea, I’ve been crying a little bit”.  This is also a good time to note this is the first time we see Charlie’s apartment.  Charlie, in my mind anyways, scores some point by having the “Trust” poster on his wall.  Considering the episode proves how un-trustworthy he is, it’s a great shout out.  CharlieTrust
  • Charlie never gets laid – NEITHER DO I!!!  Ok…’never’ is a strong word, but whatever.  My main point here is how Charlie’s friends react to finding out he has cancer.  Dee’s first thought is about Charlie and his awesome hair, and how sad it will be for him to lose it.  I have great hair.  I’m known for my awesome hair styles.  I think my friends would get a little sad about me losing my hair, too.  Also, I would hope my friends would gather around and try to get me laid if I ever tell them I have cancer.  Ladies – I give you full permission to do this.  I want some sex before I die.

There were also some adorable moments of Charlie and The Waitress in this episode.  I especially loved the part where Charlie trys to ask her out after discussing her “Live Strong” bracelet.  While asking her out, she walks away from him mid-sentence.  Charlie says softly, “Its not a thing to walk away about…”.  awww….

*Non-Charlie note:  This episode saw the introduction of Artemis.  I tried to find the clip online of her doing her “Coyote Ugly” audition for Dennis, but couldn’t.  She fucking rules!

Posted by Wendy


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