Links of the Day

A wonderful Zadie Smith piece on the many selves, the many tongues of Obama.

Recommended weekend art viewing for you lucky new yorkers.

and i am excited for the new joss whedon premiere tonight of dollhouse, though not about the fact that it competes with friday night lights–two reasons to stay home on a friday night (for those of us without tivo/dvr).

Posted by: mariola


2 responses to “Links of the Day

  1. sharksandsailors

    Thanks for the Zadie Smith link. I’m almost finished reading ‘Dreams from My Father’ and look forward to comparing my thoughts on his memoir to hers. Look out for an addendum to this post!

    I also saw a Pauline Kael reference. Swoon!

  2. dollhouse is available on

    So is FNL, if you watch that show.

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