I Want More Shorts…But I’ll Have to Seek Them Out!

An old man gets admitted into a hospital for what could be cancer and ends up connecting deeply  with a forgettable wall hanging of a pig with a half smile.  A single mother raising a kid during Nazi Germany tries to soften the blow and tells her son that his Jewish best friend is heading to “Toyland” instead of a concentration camp.  A nine-year-old African immigrant shows up to his first day of school in Ireland and isn’t quite welcomed.  A lonely security guard with a heart of gold crushes over the girl at the bookstore, but makes a tragic mistake in an attempt to win her love.  And a French woman gets hit by a car on her way to meet her boyfriend at an outdoor cafe.

I saw all these films — Oscar contenders in the Live Action Shorts category — last weekend and it took just over two hours.  How refreshing.  But it made me think about all the undiscovered shorts out there without a home and without a marketing campaign behind them, and how, these days, we have to become voracious seekers of culture in order to more fully experience what’s out there and not just what’s pushed our way.  

For the record, the shorts were good overall — some even great.  I’ll be rooting for the lyrical genius of “Manon on the Asphalt,” the aforementioned French tale of how word of a death spreads amongst loved ones, in Sunday’s Oscar pool.  



For $1.99 each on iTunes, you can decide who you are rooting for, too.  Let me know what you think.

Posted by: Mariela


One response to “I Want More Shorts…But I’ll Have to Seek Them Out!

  1. ok…Clearly I’m retarded. It took me about 5 times to grasp your title here. Yes, I knew that the post was about short films, but I kept reading your title as though you were talking about shorts that you wear.

    I’m sitting here scratching my head, thinking, “Why is Mariela talking about shorts? Is one of these shorts about shorts?”


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