Charlie Day Time! Episode 5 – Gun Fever

“Did you shoot me Dennis?”

It pains me to say this, but ‘Gun Fever’ is not my favorite Charlie Day Time. Don’t get me wrong, I still watch him in awe, he makes me laugh out loud and he’s adorable, but there has to be a couple stinkers in the bunch, no? Episode 5 of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ does, however, start Charlie’s history of crazy interactions with short, hairy old men. His landlord, a foreign foreshadowing of Frank, is his nemesis in this episode. 

charlie gun fever

The gang’s safe is stolen from Paddy’s Pub and they buy a gun to protect themselves and the pub. The missing safe causes Charlie to be short on money for rent. When his land lord comes to his apartment grumbling about the late rent they get into a shouting match and Charlie  tries to smooth it over with Rice Crispie treats. Charlie yells at his landlord, yes, I can see this. But… Charlie bakes? Charlie has all the ingredients in his shack-ass apartment to make Rice Crispie treats? Charlie shares? Hu-whaaa? Charlie steals the gun away from the bar and sits in bed with it and a bag of chips saying ‘I just needed it’!? That sounds a bit more like the Charlie I know and love. If we take this latter version of Charlie and then bring the landlord back (as happens in the episode) the partnership makes more sense–especially when the gun he sticks in his pants (TV cop-style) gives Charlie a false sense of superiority and he sends the landlord sheepishly scurrying away. He knows it too as he shuts the door and becomes so drunk with the gun’s power that he pukes a little in his mouth after he ‘eye-orgasms’. Classic Charlie…

*Poster Swap: ‘Trust’ is gone and now we’ve got an ‘America’s Most Wanted’ montage up on Charlie’s wall. Any body see a theme here? 

Posted by: Autumn.


2 responses to “Charlie Day Time! Episode 5 – Gun Fever

  1. ha – i never noticed the posters before so this is getting very interesting!

  2. Love the tag, and the mentioning of “Eye-orgasms”.

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