Charlie Day Time! Episode 6 – The Gang Finds a Dead Guy

There are a couple of themes this episode introduces us to:

Charlie Work — It’s dirty, but somebody has to do it.  And that somebody is always Charlie.  He scrubs the bathroom, lives in squalor and, here, is charged with getting rid of the dead guy.  And he does it with a garbage bag poncho, a hose, a surgical mask and…







Green Gloves — I SWEAR this is a precursor to Green Man, one of the greatest  sitcom characters ever created.  Why else would they be green?  Why else would it be Charlie wearing them?  Stay tuned if you don’t know what I’m talking about, and nod enthusiastically if you do.

Charlie’s Negotiation Skills Suck — Here, he gets talked down by Dee all the way from “you have to let me borrow your car anytime I want” to “every now and then” to “you have to take me to lunch.”  And then the gang finds themselves at a formal desk talking business for the first time, and it’s not pretty.  They try to sell Pop-Pop’s Nazi uniform and end up offending the curator to the point that he threatens to call the cops. But Charlie keeps his game face.

Charlie’s Not as Innocent as He Seems — You sort of always feel bad for Charlie.  His friends take advantage of him, the waitress is disgusted by him, he seems innocent, lost and easily manipulated.  But it’s all a ruse.  He plays the part well and then ends up getting what he wants.   In this episode it’s a chance to burn something up — namely, Pop-Pop’s Nazi uniform — and to keep one special item from Pop-Pop’s stash.

Posted by: Mariela


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