Barack Obama as Dr. Manhattan!

One of my favorite things about riding the subway is the random art you come across. Sometimes it’s just random scribbles or tags, sometimes it’s faces rearranged to look like monsters, and sometimes you find true pieces of art.

This is what I spotted earlier today.

I witnessed this bit of awesomeness while leaving the W4 subway station in NYC. This may be the best thing I’ve ever seen done to a subway ad.

Posted by Wendy


6 responses to “Barack Obama as Dr. Manhattan!

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  2. ha! was the body already there?? i smell your new avatar.

  3. Mariela, do you not know anything about Watchmen?! The body is Dr. Manhattan, someone just posted a blue faced Obama on top of it, along with the circle/dot that accompanies Dr. Manhattan’s forehead.

  4. apparently not. i thought your gmail dude was the watchmen,

  5. My heart saddens. My avatar is Rorschach, who you see in the poster too. Collectively, they are “The Watchmen”, although technically they are never called that, but the book is called Watchmen and it is about all of the peeps above.

    Confused? awesome. You’ll have to read the graphic novel…it’s awesome. Come see the movie with me!

  6. zinedine zidane is dr.manhattan. obama is dr. manhattan. dr. manhattan is atomic love.

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