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The NYC PULSE Art Fair starts tomorrow at Pier 40 on the West Side. The city’s largest art fair dedicated to contemporary art, PULSE is a wickedly huge space filled with some attainable art for you to start or add to your collection. For the price of a visit to MoMA, you can see art from over 20 countries. 

I love the word moonlet. It is quite a descriptive term; it seems a delicate, tiny orb. And fancy this, a new moonlet has just been found in one Saturn’s rings. 

Have you read George Orwell’s 1984? Tell the truth now! Apparently, 65% of readers in the UK lie about having read classics to impress others while many others often skip pages and carelessly dog-ear books. So, tell me, have you really read 1984? 

Posted by: Autumn.


3 responses to “Links of the Day

  1. I will be your friendly coat check girl at the fair. Tips are not required, but we appreciate them greatly. 😉

    I thought everyone had to read 1984. I read it in middle school sometime, I think. Maybe that was Fahrenheit 51, though. Maybe I read them both in middle school.

  2. i also read 1984. but remember when you found out i read the classics in high school…

  3. i was in mariola’s same high school. i read it! we should do best books we ready in high school. oh captain, my captain!

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