Links of the Day

I’m excited about the release of this Keith Haring DVD because it makes me feel like my tattoo is still relevant.

Virgin Mobile brings Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby back.

The glory days of the Hotel Chelsea here.

Wendy, Slate is saying that Battlestar Galactica isn’t so “frakking feminist after all.”  Where lies the truth?

Posted by: Mariela 


One response to “Links of the Day

  1. A wonderful response to that Slate article can be found here:

    The Slate article brings up good points, but fails to talk about how men are depicted on the show. Men are treated like sex objects on the show, they make terrible leaders, they are abuse victims, they can only emote through drunkenness and violence.

    Someday, you’ll watch the show. I’m gonna trap you and Autumn and watch the show with you. hhaha.

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