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We have written on MATTERFUL about the very first bill that Obama signed into law: The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Now, in a continued shout-out to Michelle, his mother, grandmothers, and perhaps most importantly Sasha and Malia, Barack Obama signed an executive order called the ‘White House Council on Women and Girls.’ 

I still feel equal pay is every professional woman’s cross to bear. What are some of the issues you’d like to see addressed in the new council? 

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One response to “Links of the Day

  1. besides equal pay, i’d say equal representation for women in leadership positions (government, business, etc). there’s absolutely no reason for women bosses to to be so incredibly scarce. also, although it doesn’t apply to me, i think work/family balance is a huge issue in which women typically take on most of the burden. we shouldn’t have to make an either/or decision and expect men to do the same on the flip side. family dynamics as varied as the country we live in should be fostered. i think michelle obama will make huge strides here. and, finally, protect our right to choose, damn it!!

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