Charlie Day Time! Episode 7 – Charlie Got Molested.

Charlie and the McPoyles

This week’s episode is “Charlie Got Molested”, in which the gang thinks that Charlie got molested by his gym coach back in the day, but in reality he didn’t.  It marks the end of Season One for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I love this episode for two non-Charlie reasons.  The main reason is that this is the  first appearance by the McPoyle brothers, who are so creepy and disgusting that you can’t help but bust a gut laughing just by looking at them.  The second reason this episode is amazing is because it features America’s favorite principal Mr. Belding (Dennis Haskins) as the gym coach from Charlie and Mac’s past.

But enough about other people that are not our beloved Charlie Day.  This episode is chocked full of tidbits about Charlie.  So, without further delay, let’s look at some of the things we learned about Charlie in this very special episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  • Charlie can come up with some pretty evil schemes when he’s wasted.  This is pointed out to Charlie by the McPoyle brothers when he comes to stop them from falsely accusing the gym teacher of molesting them in order to get wealthy off of the lawsuit.  They point it out to him that he was the one that came up with the plan one night when they were all out drinking together.
  • As a child, Charlie was a bit of a psychopath. Mac comes to Dee and Denis and tells them his theory of why Charlie couldn’t have been molested as a child because he wasn’t weak like child molesters like their victims to be.  Mac goes on to describe Charlie as a child:  “… Charlie was a little bit of a psychopath.  He had this thing when he got excited his face would just turn purple and he would start biting things.  I don’t think Murray would have put his dick anywhere near him.”
  • Charlie’s mom calls him her “little gingerbread man”. She states this when she is trying to compose herself, and tells herself to “be strong for your little gingerbread man”.  This is hilarious to me.
  • Charlie has an Uncle Jack.  This isn’t that exciting of a tidbit, except that I also have an Uncle Jack.  Although mine is not creepy, and doesn’t get enjoyment over watching people touch dolls in naughty places.
  • Charlie touched his sister’s vagina. Apparently.  This comes out when everyone is hugging and crying because of the intervention.

That’s it for this week’s Charlie Day Time!  Up next….Season Two and the arrival of Danny Devito!

charlie and the baby

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