Fast Food Fight: Point to McDonald’s, ugh…

[Contributor’s Note: I apologize in advance for any wrong-doing that I am possibly participating in by posting this, such as: promotion of an evil corporate giant that daily and cheaply clogs the colons of too many already obese Americans.]

I’ve written about my outright disgust at Burger King’s ‘Whopper Virgins’ ad series here on MATTERFUL. In a strange tip of the hat to their long time competitor, I am aghast to say that I laugh when I watch this McDonald’s commercial.

It’s a fish on the wall, folks, and he’s begging you in a ridiculously catchy jingle to give him back his filet. Get it? It’s a cultural phenomenon soon to be parallel with the Snuggie sensation, mark my words, and I am somehow a fan along with children in failing schools, socially stunted folks on Facebook and recently unemployed bankers. What next? The tunes from the commercials taking over the pop charts? I hang my head and shake it in shame. What have we come to?

Posted by: Autumn.


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