This Week’s Top 5: Men We Love



  1. Taylor Kitsch
  2. John Krasinki
  3. Seth Meyers
  4. Robert Downey, Jr.
  5. Louis Garrell



  1. Ewan McGregor
  2. Kyle Chandler
  3. Ryan Gosling
  4. Liev Schreiber
  5. James Franco



  1. Paul Newman – if for nothing else than how sexy he is in “New Kind of Love”
  2. James Cagney – he’s kind of the epitome of my taste.  Red headed, feisty, a good dancer, tough outer shell but really a big softee.
  3. Ewan McGregor – Gotta have a Scottish man on there.  
  4. Louis Garrel – Knuckle biting hot.
  5. George Clooney – my guilty pleasure hotty.



  1. Viggo Mortenson
  2. Eddie Vedder
  3. Javier Bardem
  4. James Franco
  5. Mos Def

10 responses to “This Week’s Top 5: Men We Love

  1. Besides Taylor Kitsch (only because I don’t know who he is), all of Mariola’s picks were in my top 10. Well played, lady.

  2. viggo is typically in my top 5 but he’s currently ousted by kyle.

  3. well and it is hilarious because obviously we all have been convinced by james franco lately. he was my no. 6. if only louis garrel were not permanently on my top 5.

  4. I thought we were doing of all time, or whatever.

    why am i the only one with dead hotties? What happened to Brando, Mariela? I feel like i did this wrong. Hrm.

    I don’t know Taylor Kitsch either. or Kyle Chadler.

  5. Autumn….you need to stop with the Eddie Veddar.


  6. we misread ola’s email, wendy. i clarified this morning via email. brando would have been my number one, i swear.

  7. oh….oops. I guess I misread both. My list is totally different then.

    Jemaine Clement – flight of the conchords would be on there.
    Martin Freeman from the UK Office (just rewatched the first season)
    Nite Owl (Patrick Wilson)
    Louis Garrel would still be on there.

    I’d have to think about a fifth.

  8. wendy–paul rudd!!!

  9. HAHAH! I actually just saw his picture and slapped my forehead…


    Others in the running were: Zach G. (of course), Zachary Levi (from the show Chuck)

  10. This definitely adds to the James Franco case:

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