A.O. Scott Watch: Duplicity


This is one movie I had almost no interest in watching until now.  From today’s New York Times:

“Along the way, Mr. Owen, on whom a two-piece suit becomes as brazenly sexual a uniform as anything you can imagine, opens many bottles of Champagne and looks hungrily at Ms. Roberts, even though Claire is more of a natural predator than Ray. For this film, her first real starring role in quite a while, Ms. Roberts has almost entirely left behind the coltish, America’s-sweetheart mannerisms, except when she uses them strategically, to disarm or confuse. Curvier than she used to be and with a touch of weariness around her eyes and impatience in her voice, she is, at 41, umistakably in her prime.

Mr. Gilroy’s most ingenious structural gamble — the duplicity of ‘Duplicity’ — is to make foreground and background almost perfectly reversible. It’s a sharp, sexy comedy masquerading as a twisty tale of intrigue, and vice versa. And as soon as you grow impatient with the pre- or postcoital repartee of Ms. Roberts and Mr. Owen, a nimble army of supporting players comes forward to deliver Mr. Gilroy’s mordantly funny dialogue with perfectly straight faces. “

Posted by: Mariela


2 responses to “A.O. Scott Watch: Duplicity

  1. I thought it looked okay but the rom-com has always been my Achille’s heel. With trepidation I would have considered it a TBS screening but now I think it worthy of a Netflix add!

  2. i saw it. i wouldn’t call it a rom com at all. it’s full of twists and turns and you never know who’s on top. it subtly funny the whole way through. and it pokes fun at its very big stars.

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