Madeleine Albright, You Sly Fox!



Madeleine Albright, who started the trend of females as Secretary of State, stopped by the Bill Maher show Friday and I was so charmed.  It sounds like she used a lot of that same charm to deal with foreign leaders.  Maher suggested that perhaps women are better suited for the job because they can communicate differently and, well, flirt.  Albright winked and admitted:  “I did.  Absolutely.”  Other trade secrets:  she danced and sang and used the line, “I have come a long way so I must be frank.”

Before we get all up in arms about how this undercuts women’s smarts, the message was clear from the start:   you must have the smarts to get the job.  They talked Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea and Maher also put her on the spot right away with a question about who our first Secretary of State was.  Albright easily answered Thomas Jefferson correctly, and I couldn’t help but wonder how Sarah Palin would have fared in a similar situation.

Don’t miss the hysterical word associated game Maher and Albright played with foreign leaders.  The same descriptor sprang to mind for Idi Amin, Ahmadinejad, Osama Bin Laden and George Bush: nuts.

My one issue with Albright in this interview — an issue I also have with the Obama administration — is her views on Afghanistan.  She believes we should go to war with the country, but wonders whether we can ever win such a war.  But isn’t the real question what exactly constitutes winning a war against terrorists?  The answer should be eliminating terrorism, but that will never happen.

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    Sandra Dalene VanAlstine

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