Let’s Be Real: New Year’s Resolutions Redux.


Come on, women. How many resolutions have you started? Kept? Abandoned? Just plain ignored?

I just found my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions list today and folks, I have failed. Most importantly, I have failed ME. Out of the 23 things on my list–some one time things (join the Park Slope Food Co-op) and others to recur every week (homemade facial masks instead of costly spa visits) or month (finish a book)–I have done or started only 6 things. 6 out of 23! My average is at 26%. I would have never let myself earn a 26% on ANYTHING in school or my professional life, but when it comes to taking care of me, I apparently don’t mind coming in just above the bottom fourth of perfect. That is pathetic. 

They always say women take better care of others than they do of themselves. If you beg to differ, I ask you ladies: what is your percentage looking like? 

Posted by: Autumn.


3 responses to “Let’s Be Real: New Year’s Resolutions Redux.

  1. My resolution this year was to actually make some real resolutions, unlike last year’s which were ‘learn to drink straight whisky’ and ‘build my record collection’- giving last year a 50% success rate- (I still don’t own any records) SO while I might not have completed them, I still made the list to start off 2009 with an A+!

    Maybe 2010’s list could start off with “Rationalize less?” Thanks for the pep Auts 🙂

  2. 23 resolutions! holy shit, i only had a handful.

    ** wear more heels – check
    **carry around a notebook to jot down ideas — half check (i do carry a notebook now, but i only have about 5 pages written in).
    **some others i’m equally disappointed in myself — as in call my bro more or send more written mail.
    **i added wear more lipstick in mid-march and that’s going well.

  3. What if you don’t believe in making resolutions? Does that say something about a person?

    *but Stacey, I commend your resolutions of “drinking whiskey straight” and “gaining a record collection”.
    I’ll try to help with that second bit.

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