Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 2: The Gang Goes Jihad

One of my absolute favorite things about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is introduced in this episode: the group sing-along.  And what a perfect song to sing-along to: Extreme’s “More Than Words.”  

I was obsessed with this song as a Catholic school freshman — in fact, I recall even using it when it was my turn to kick off group prayer in religion class — and I’m equally obsessed with harmonizing at all times.  I love how they all gather around the bar and stay true to their parts, but mostly I love how seriously Charlie takes it.  His fingertips are at his temples, he is intensely concentrating (so much so that we never see his face) and when the rest of The Gang stops, it’s clear that Charlie is charged with the high notes.  He’s not going to give Mariah a run for her money, but he sure does give it his all.


So, we witness Charlie “The Singer” and we’re also privy to Charlie “The Director” in this episode.  While he doesn’t have a clue about the situation in Israel (he assumes it has something to do with a tsunami or a Superdome), he does have a creative vision for what a terrorist video should look like and he directs Dennis and Mac in all their political incorrect glory.  If he had a bigger budget, he admits he would even build a cave.  And when Dennis and Mac chicken out and think they went too far with their Jihad video, Charlie is the only one that has the balls to stand by it.  “I directed the shit out of this video.  This stuff is gold,” he professes.

Speaking of balls, Charlie swings his around a bit when he’s trying to pump up Frank to face his hysterical wife, who’s beating down the door at their apartment of squalor.  Love the dance, Charlie, but I can do without the crotch shot at that scene’s opener.  I much prefer you in the sweater-and-collared shirt look while trying to translate the lawyer’s double talk and, thus, okay your way to illegal activity.

Posted by: Mariela


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