This Week’s Top 5: Ways We’re Being Earthly

In honor of Earth Day, here are the Top 5 ways we at Matterful are doing our part. 


1. By being vegan. I have been vegan (or mostly vegan) for 12 years. It’s probably the only thing I do on a daily basis that helps with global warming. A 2006 United Nations report called the meat industry “one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global” and the Guardian UK reports that “if the average UK household halved meat consumption that would cut emissions more than if car use was cut in half.” 

2. By going to my local greenmarket for fruits, vegetable and bread. The Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket happens every Saturday at the top of Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Local farmers pull up their foodstuffs from the ground early that morning (mainly organic or low/no pesticide products) and come directly to the little roundabout plaza. It kicks the middle man out of the loop (extra shipping and packaging are not used) and connects you to your farmer. 

3. By joining my local food co-op. A close second to the weekly greenmarket, The Park Slope Food Co-op is only a walk away from my home and focuses on community involvement and locally and organically grown foods. We’ll be bringing our canvas tote bags in lieu of paper or plastic.

4. By doing away with bottled water. I carry around a reusable water bottle now and even my office got rid of the bottles and mess. We use the big ol’ jugs that are delivered and reused. Not the best option but better than the bottles, I think. 

5. By living in an urban setting. Cities use more energy than rural and suburban areas but less energy per person. I ride public transportation, don’t own a car, and can pretty much live off of everything that is within a 20 block radius from my apartment. 


1. I save up my trash when I am out and about in NYC and throw it away in the subway trash cans. I trust that the MTA really does sort and recycle. Bloomberg wouldn’t let me down.

2. I keep full jugs of water in my fridge to fill it up so it runs more efficiently.

3. I have real utensils at work that I use for lunch instead of plastic.

4. I try to take bags from stores as seldom as possible.

5. Does living in a tiny apartment and taking public transportation count even if NY life forces those choices?


1. Be vegetarian

2. Buy local

3. Recycle

4. Take the bus to school

5. Unplug unused electronics


1. Along with my co-op board, petitioned the city to plant a tree in front of our house.  Months later, it’s done!

2. Printing on double sides.

3. Stocking up on reusable, organic totes and carrying one with me more often than not.

4. Making vinegar my cleaning god.

5. Living in NYC, consistently one of the cities with the smallest carbon footprint (thank you public transportation!).

What are your Top 5 things that make you earthly?


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