This Week’s Top 5: Film Soundtracks


1. Vanilla Sky

For me, Cameron Crowe is the King of All Soundtracks and Vanilla Sky narrowly beats out Almost Famous for inclusion on this list.  The deciding factor?  I HATE Fever Dog.

2. Trainspotting
I like turning this on (volume way up) when I’m getting ready to cause some trouble.

3. Angus
My pop punk dreams perfectly compiled in one pretty package, including a new-at-the-time Weezer song that I love.  The only doozie is the Smoking Popes.

4. Romeo and Juliet
A perfect complement to Baz Lurhmann’s frenetic and beautiful Shakespeare adaptation.
5. Great Expectations
Unexpectedly great.  I just wish Tori Amos didn’t kick it off.  Blech.  Have you noticed that most great soundtracks have 1-2 terrible songs?

1.  Velvet Goldmine

I never tire of listening to this soundtrack.  Bowie, Lou Reed, T. Rex, Stooges, New York Dolls, and Brian Eno.  Need I say more?  There is almost too much awesome in this album.  Plus Craig Wedren, who has one of the most amazing voices out there, doing vocals for the fake band in the movie?  Genius.

2.  American Splendor

3.  Virgin Suicides (the one with bands, not just Air)

4.  Valley Girl

5.  High Art


1. Almost Famous

Given the movie topic, it had a lot to live up to–and did. It has the big hits, but also some live cuts. “Tiny Dancer” scene on the bus is one of the best uses of music in a movie.

2. Romeo and Juliet (Luhrmann)

3. Grease

4. Pulp Fiction

5. Forrest Gump


1. Velvet Goldmine

For me it stands almost as its own album, but when united with Todd Haynes’ imagery the music is in technicolor.

2. The Royal Tenenbaums

3. Talk to Her (I love all Almodovar sountracks)

4. La dolce vita

5. Grease


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