Links of the Day

In a brilliant move to garner publicity for his new TV show, Isaac Mizrahi creates a dress out of USA Today newsprint. And guess who runs a  full-page spread on it…Project Runway fans: Are you going to watch Bravo’s replacement, The Fashion Show with Mizrahi as host, or hold out for the return of Runway with Heidi & Time this summer?

California might have a new plan to balance its budget: ‘Let’s get high!”

‘Brooklyn a la Cart’: The Red Hook ballfield vendors are back! Who else is ready? Wet your palate with this unofficial guide. Who knew they’ve been serving up Latin cuisine since 1974?!

Posted by Lisa


2 responses to “Links of the Day

  1. let’s get pupusas and watch the fashion show!

  2. The decriminalization of marijuana (if it passes in California) will be the one thing the Governator will be remembered for. It would be a brilliant political move and long over-due.

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