Just Did It: Affordable Art Fair Preview

A few glasses of free Sauvignon Blanc Wednesday night and I almost forgot that I am on a spending ban due to the savings I need to travel to South Africa next summer for the 2010 World Cup. 


I could have bought two pieces of fantastic art by two very different (and affordable artists) that I came across at this year’s Affordable Art Fair. A friend and I were somehow immediately drawn to something that I saw the Southern Gothic in, yet the artist, Scott Griffin, hailed from Toronto. (It figures, half the folks in Florida on any given winter’s day are Snowbirds anyway).


I loved this piece because it reminded me of canoe trips in the early 80s in Florida’s backwoods (it was welded on an old, found Coleman cooler top), yet I was tough! I bristled myself against the tasty hum of the white wine and I said, meekly: ‘I have to ask my husband.’ Of no soccer support at all, he said it was up to me. Now that is some tough love. I held steady chanting ‘South Africa! South Africa!’ in my head and then pushed my friend even harder on her ultimate purchase, a dynamite painting of a woman at a piano:


The danger is not yet over as the fair runs through this Sunday at 7 West 34th Street. Here is another find I fell in love with:


An earthy, Japanese-inspired piece that with a stressed metal frame would run only $600 or so. (World Cup! World Cup!)

We tried to distract ourselves with a bit of interactive art as seen at the televised arm wrestling table. 


I won this one. Lost this next one…


And the folks waiting for their glasses of wine or Yuengling watched us here: 


Not sure if I should be leaning like that. Yet I digress.

Galleries I spent some major time in? 

  • TAG Fine Arts, London
  • Rebecca Hossack, London
  • Like the Spice, Brooklyn
  • McCaig-Welles, Brooklyn (shown here)


  • New Grounds Inc., Albuquerque
  • Living with Art, New York

For the $20 entrance fee, The Affordable Art Fair is well worth it, especially if you have a few hundred/thousand in your pocket that you’re itching to spend. Don’t be afraid to haggle with the artists either; they won’t bite. 

Posted by: Autumn.


One response to “Just Did It: Affordable Art Fair Preview

  1. Yes, you can lean like that, it probably helped towards your victory, and more important is pulling the arm towards you, which you did well. You may have lost the second one because you were still a bit exhausted – but the fun of it is more important anyway.

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