The Magical Memory Tour

Here’s a beautiful example of how the worlds of music and science are intersecting. 


Scientists at the University of Leeds are out to prove that music is a powerful tool for unlocking memories.  At, they’re asking us to share a vidid memory where we experienced a powerful Beatles moment. 

I know we’ve all had them.  I could have chosen experiencing Cirque de Soleil’s Love with my friend Saskia in Vegas (I swear I saw her eyes tear up) or learning how to play Ticket to Ride with an all-girl band.  Instead, I wrote about going through old family photos when I was about 13 and finding one of my cool-looking teen mom (long, ironed hair parted in the middle) in Puerto Rico proudly holding up a Beatles album.

My perception of her immediately changed.  No longer was her history in Espanol only.  Here, she embraced the Beatles just like any other teen at the time.  After that, we shared many Beatles moments — from gifting each other the large-scale Anthology to listening to Spanish versions of Beatles songs during a drive.  Ok, so a very large portion of her life is en Espanol…and that’s way cool, too.

Posted by: Mariela


3 responses to “The Magical Memory Tour

  1. just thinking about Cirque de Soleil’s Love makes me smile (and perhaps a lil teary-eyed). it is a magical memory, indeed.

  2. At age 16 I found Dad’s record of Sgt Peppers and loved it. Once I noticed that he bought it at age 16 too, that was cool.

  3. My mom once told me that my Dad’s favorite Beatles song was “Nowhere Man” because he identified with it.

    I got very depressed for my dad after that.

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