Spotlight On: Pinknest

Someone’s hosting a dinner party and the menu will consist of:

  • Appetizers: Chili con queso, guacamole and salsa
  • Main Dishes: Beef and cheese enchiladas, beef and pork tacos, rice and beans
  • Dessert: Sopapillas, churros, a piñata full of pralines
  • Drinks: Margaritas and sangria

    Anyone else but me jonesing for an invite?  Well, you’ll need to get in touch with our friend Anita, aka Pinknest, whose super entertaining and addicting blog covers everything in her life having to do with food, drink and the people we share them with.

    That includes:

    • Her personal recipes and experiences cooking them;
    • Her favorite restaurants (In NYC, Tia Pol, Prune and Lupa currently take the top spots);
    • And cool photography to accompany it all.  If you’ve ever tried to take photos of food with your everyday digital camera you know capturing the beauty of a meal isn’t all that easy.  Anita suggests sticking to candlelight and the macro setting and taking shots before anyone “musses up” their dish.  Sometimes she admits she resorts to using her superhero powers:  “I point my finger at it and say ‘make it pretty!’ and that seems to work.”

    I think it worked here:


    And here:


    And here:


    For the record, Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert, who stole our hearts with his great smile and humility on Top Chef, is her favorite chef “because what he does with seafood is so painstakingly precise, perfect and delicious, yet he has a very calm and Zen-like disposition. I would never be able to have this demeanor if I had to make such precise and perfect fish. And, he likes a clean workstation.”  Those Top Chef judges appreciate cleanliness, too.

    And, how does someone develop such a love for food to be chronicling her eating online over the past 4 years?  “Cruise ship buffets, at midnight, at a young age,” Anita admits.  “Eating at midnight was a seriously exciting adventure as a child. But eating everything imaginable without anyone telling you you have to stop, all in front of a giant ice sculpture?!”  

    Something great does come from cruises after all!

    Posted by: Mariela


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    1. Pink's Pal

      Ooooooh, Pink. I can say I knew you back when…

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