Links of the Day…

Shh…this is a little late.

Dogs are riding the subway in Moscow.

Check out the online map for Library Cats.

I always give the excuse of wanting my corpse to stay pretty for longer as an excuse for how much food I eat that contain perservatives.  Apparently this is true.  Our corpses are rotting slower, but not because of perservatives.

Do you hate the word ‘moist’?  You are not alone.

Posted by Wendy


4 responses to “Links of the Day…

  1. wendy, the visual thesaurus article is so interesting. i hate the word panty!

  2. I’ve always like the word ‘vulva’. It just rolls out of the mouth nicely.

  3. dumpling is my least favorite word. adding the “ing” is a failed way to make a gross word sound cute.
    luminescence is one of my favorites. always and forever.

  4. i like superfluous. it is as it sounds, almost an onomatopaiea.

    mucus or mucousy are pretty rotten words.

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