Just Did It: Bonnie “Prince” Billy at The Apollo

Third time’s a charm when it comes to The Apollo for a friend and I. We had tickets to see Cat Power awhile back and had to hand them off to deal with something or other; then generously gifted M. Ward tickets sat on a work desk and wasted away as we whiled away the hours on another late night edit. Last night I figured doomed (as deaths come in threes) but we made it to The Apollo to see Bonnie “Prince” Billy somehow. 

will oldham

The wait was paid off with great lower mezzanine seats and the opening act was a band from Vancouver lead by a brunette with a hauntingly vibrato driven voice whose name we were sorry that we did not catch. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, headed by the prolific and heavenly-voiced Will Oldham, played a masterfully re-arranged set of songs that reminded me of his albums but were better designed for concert performance. This show was far more structured and mature than times I’ve seen him in the past. Maybe The Prince is growing up?

Cheyenne Mize, whose sweet voice and mean fiddle are all over BPB’s latest album ‘Beware,’ was center stage and the only lady in the group. Her collaboration with the band seemed more accomplice than muse, thankfully, and her presence was electric. 


I have no clue who the drummer is but he looks like a jazz version of Ron Jeremy and was so super smooth on those drums. Matt Sweeney came out for song and the night soon ended with both groups rejoining for some folky a capella campfire celebration. Oh, and we saw Martha Plimpton in the balcony and had to deflate some childish urges to yell ‘GOONIES!’

I went to www.brooklynvegan.com hoping to find out the name of the opening act and found this instead, a gentle jab and a reminder of our former Apollo failures:

“Like-minded artists Cat Power and M Ward also have shows coming up at the Apollo which is celebrating its 75th anniversary of holding “Amateur Night”.”

The article was from February 3, 2009. Ouch.

Posted by: Autumn.


4 responses to “Just Did It: Bonnie “Prince” Billy at The Apollo

  1. opening act was Lightning Dust….
    Anyone have the BPB playlist…I’m trying to confirm a couple of songs….

  2. Lightning Dust, thanks! I don’t know the BPB playlist though… sorry.

  3. I like that you tagged “Ron Jeremy” in this post.

  4. I am heartbroken. I saw this post and then saw that school blows even more than I thought. I can’t believe I missed this in DC. Sniff sniff. Sniff HOWL sniff.

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