Spotlight On: Jessey Jansen and Little Lady Studio

Jessey Jansen, the creative force behind Little Lady Studio, has been an artist since at least the 7th grade.  She recalls a moment when her art teacher warned the class that the first move they made on an 8×8 inch copper plate would be a permanent one, so they should think long and hard about what they wanted the final piece to look like.  Jessey took that as an opportunity:  “I loved it…I believed if I made a mistake I could just move on and make the design into something else. So I went ahead and pressed my lines into the surface with no worries if they were right or wrong, but only that they were building off the rest.”

Since then, the building hasn’t stopped.  She started with a line of simple and elegant greeting cards celebrating women at their best while she worked at a marketing company.  


Then, she flew the corporate coup with her sister Jacqueline and friend Dave to create the multimedia startup, blurreddistinction.  After five years, they decided to “transition all they’d built and learned back into individual pursuits” — Jessey with Little Lady; Dave with a brand of hot sauces; and Jacqueline with a digital art initiative based on human hair.  (Sidenote: Remember that Project Runway dress with a similar focus?) 

The greeting cards remain popular, but Little Lady has also expanded to include a socially-consicious art initiative called MyPop (My Print on Poverty), which “addresses the impressions of chaos, alienation, verbal and substance abuse, desperate resources, constant illness and perpetual judgments” that surround an underprivileged life.   Her primary reason to make art is to improve communication, and, fittingly, some of the places MyPOP has been included are college residency programs and counseling and therapy rooms.




 All this and she just one Best in Show at Bolingbrook’s first-annual Art Walk!

Posted by: Mariela


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