Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 4: Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare

Charlie is strong. We all know this by now. Although some of you are thinking ‘freakishly’ strong, I beg to differ. He’s just a well-muscled man. I mean, look at those biceps when he rolls the sleeves up on his tshirt and the way he can lift that pool table while Mac stands there grounded by his utter weakness. He’s so strong that he doesn’t even want a father figure (let alone Frank as  his father figure) because he can figure out this life on his own, thank you very much. What he isn’t, is strong in the mental department, but that’s okay. Sometimes we like the strong, silent type. But Charlie isn’t one to keep silent for long. Or ever. When Frank asks him to hide his money from his wife’s prying eyes, Charlie likes the shady aspect and asks “What’s the vig?” What he should really be asking Frank is “What’s a vig?” When Mac tells him about the work for welfare program, Charlie clearly doesn’t know what’s being said. That’s okay, Charlie. Just sit there and look good. But Charlie doesn’t look good when he hires folks on welfare to do his shit work, literally, at the bar. And he looks less good when he pees and flushes all over some poor Latina woman, whom he whispers is their ‘slave.’ But then he looks good again, damn it! He’s in a tuxedo with tails, sucking up Frank’s money and repelling Sweet Dee and Dennis’ spiral into crack addiction with his own 40s heyday soiree with a bunch of hookers on his lap in a limo. He looks just as good as this:


Oh, the oscillations of the Charlie roller coaster. All aboard!

[Note: New season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts September 17th on FX!]

Posted by: Autumn.


One response to “Charlie Day Time! Season 2, Episode 4: Dennis and Dee Go on Welfare

  1. charlie trumps clooney!

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