Lessons from Brazil


In two trips to Brazil I learned:

  • The country isn’t made for rain, but you can find alternate ways to have fun.
  • They like cheese in food…a lot.  But not necessarily good cheese.  You must become an expert orderer, less you end up with a baked potato loaded with tasteless cheese and a crepe of the same filling.
  • Two words/phrases you should drop whenever possible: valeu (a cool version of “thanks”) and show de bola (an awesome time).  They will help you crack every nut out there.
  • The boys are relentless and will ask you to go to a “love motel” within 30 minutes of meeting you.  Also, PDA is not only accepted, but expected.
  • Protect your juice/ice cream on the streets.  It can easily be snatched straight from your hands.
  • There is a very good reason that only non-alcoholic beer is served at soccer games.

  • They serve tiny beers (“chope”) because they like to serve it cold.  Freezing cold.  Sometimes with ice particles floating in it, which sort of ruins the taste of beer.
  • Hang tight to your havianas in a stream.


  • They like to round their prices up or down, making change irrelevant.  But somehow you end up with a bunch of irrelevant, heavy change.
  • It’s easy to meet people.  Our Ilha Grande last supper was a table of 20.
  • A pineapple and mint juice is a delicious thing.
  • How to dance samba.

    Posted by: Mariela


5 responses to “Lessons from Brazil

  1. valeu for the show de bola with this post!

  2. Samba does indeed look so cool! Or as Autmun aptly used, show de bola.

  3. nice maz!
    – i will be keeping an eye on matterful from now on… it is a whole new world!!!
    two things:
    what is pda?;
    i hope you chased down and slapped who ever it was who pinched an ice cream from you – a criminal offense!


  5. and learn some brasilian curse words if you are planning to go a futebol match!

    and what about eat lots of açai!! yummy.

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