Just Did It: The High Line NYC

Last Saturday, my husband and I jumped on our ‘new’ refurbished Columbia bikes and headed over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Meatpacking District to visit the highly acclaimed High Line. The High Line, designed by James Corner Field Operations with Diller Scofidio + Renfro, mixes modern design in an urban park city space with loads of plants, shrubs, trees and flowers throughout.


The idea of a Sunday stroll comes to mind when you are ambulating across the High Line but there’s something about the height of the old railways that makes it an event. You feel that you are participating in something because your perspective of street life, the surrounding buildings, the views down the intersecting streets, has all been magnified by the different vantage point. You have become an observer, rather than just a pedestrian.


You’re not forced to walk either: the High Line offers places to sit, picnic, and soak in the sun. The amphitheater allows an aquarium view of the avenue below and there were nooks and crannies throughout to tuck away from the crowd.


Originally built in the 1930s as part of the ‘West Side Improvement’ project, the High Line was erected 30 feet in the air as a protective measure to keep the trains off the street and away from people and cars. It stopped running in 1980 and wasted away along with the industrial neighborhood that it existed in. The High Line as it stands now is indeed another West Side Improvement, Part Deux.


Posted and Photographed by: Autumn.


2 responses to “Just Did It: The High Line NYC

  1. these photos are stunning!

  2. beautiful shots autumn!

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