Just Did It: Yeasayer and Animal Collective…Outdoors

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost the end of the outdoor activities season in NYC.  Weather be damned!  This week, we decided to buck up and catch what we could in fresh air music.  Thursday night it was Yeasayer at Pier 54:

The sound at the Pier leaves a lot to be desired, but Brooklyn-based Yeasayer know how to put on a solid show of beats and tribal fancies.  I was far back enough and my eye sight (even with contacts) is unreliable enough to miss out on what’s plain to see in the You Tube video above — the lead singer should start a cult preaching psychedelia to the masses!  He’s like a pint-sized, living gospel.  A quick note about Amazing Baby: not so amazing after all.

Saturday night was the closing Celebrate Brooklyn Prospect Park Bandshell show featuring Animal Collective.  We went as a result of good fortune and a guy that had bought tickets to the show before realizing it was out-of-town wedding weekend (thanks, Brandon!).


By the time the show started, Judy and I were picknicked up and ready for some tunes.  Animal Collective delivered.  They were energetic and playful, best highlighted by their memorable stage design which included moving waves, dancing fish and sharks, jellyfish lamps, glow in the dark balls that we were encouraged to volley and tiki towers.  They must be big fans of Ariel and her crew who proclaimed: “Darling it’s better/Down where it’s wetter/Take it from me.”


About halfway through, the Collective turned up the party and the eager crowd bumped, swayed and clapped along.  I love their song “My Girls:”

We left the park with smiles on our faces and full-on band crushes.

Posted by: Mariela


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